Wednesday, January 18, 2012




Bear Flat snowstorm

Softly it fell,

there see it lie

invisible to rushing passersby

But white it is, and quite opaque –

not even a mouse would make the mistake

to venture outdoors among the stuff

that chills the paw and bites the buff

without a plan first off to form

of where to go and how to keep warm.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Mount Nebo Hike

There are two things that any one living in Utah Valley for an extended time ought to experience:
  1. Dumpster diving for baked goods
  2. Driving through the Wasatch mountains (Alpine or Nebo Loop) during the autumn color change
And if you have the opportunity, why not hike Mt. Nebo while you’re at it?  I was lucky enough this year to have a spare Saturday the beginning of October just as the colors were most vibrant in the Nebo Wilderness Area.

(Side note: Dumpster diving has been outlawed in Layton, Utah and other places around the country.  And I don't really recommend it for filling your pantry -- I just think it's funny that many college students find dumpster diving a good source of entertainment.  Then again, it is certainly sad to see all that food go to waste.  Check out this video.)
Mt Nebo Autumn

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Provo Peak Hike

Less famous than Timpanogos but no less spectacular, Provo Peak lies just behind the Provo/Orem area.  The hike is enjoyable in both summer and winter seasons.

Provo Peak (highest point on left) looking from a ridge just behind Y Mount